Feature Highlights

Test Creation

From simple recording, to correlation, parameterization and scripting, WebLOAD

combines power and


Test Execution

Simply describe the

execution environment you

want to simulate, and the

amount of load, and you’re

ready to go


WebLOAD collects real-time

performance statistics that

help identify the root cause of



You don’t need to be a

performance expert! WebLOAD

processes your testing data

to identify bottlenecks and

other issues

Easy test creation

With intuitive record and playback controls, you can create your first scripts instantly and view them with our graphical scripting language – no coding required.


Automatic correlation of dynamic values

With WebLOAD, it’s simple to turn a recorded script into an execution-ready test with automatic identification of dynamic values and powerful parameterization.


The Power of JavaScript

WebLOAD is powered by JavaScript. You can switch between the high-level view and the full JavaScript at any time.  So you can add custom business logic to your tests – without having to learn a new language.


Mobile recording and playback

Test your applications in mobile, multi-device environments with WebLOAD. You can record directly from the mobile device or from a simulator.


Real world load simulation

Simulate complex, realistic load scenarios by mixing user activities, connection settings, browsers and devices.


Cloud load generation

Leverage the power of the cloud to push your applications to the breaking point. Instead of investing in hardware to generate load, use WebLOAD to generate load in the cloud.


Automatic bottleneck detection

WebLOAD analyzes multiple sources and types of data in order to precisely identify bottlenecks and root causes. It enables you to verify SLAs for stability, scalability, and integrity under load.