Web Services/REST

Performance Testing for Web Services and RESTful APIs

Web services are an essential feature of modern web applications. They give developers the ability to decouple architecture components and to enrich their applications with powerful capabilities from their own labs as well as from third parties. Any complete performance testing solution must be able to test web services in combination with additional web technologies.

WebLOAD for Web Services

WebLOAD enables you to test web services under load on their own, or as part of a full web application. It features:

  • A powerful solution for test creation and test execution including automatic record and playback of SOAP, XML, JSON and REST.
  • Support for all HTTP methods used by RESTful services such as PUT and DELETE.
  • Test scripts are generated in JavaScript and provide native support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
  • Built-in support for XML manipulation.
  • Automatic correlation of dynamic values within XML and JSON. Using JavaScript you can access the response in order to perform validation or to use the information in the next request.
  • Robust monitoring of a wide variety of application servers.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting to identify bottlenecks for rapid resolution.